Your Dentist Isn’t Lying to You About Flossing

September 3, 2021
Woman following flossing instructions from her Dentist Land O Lakes

Little has been said about the importance of flossing as part of our oral health practices. While we assume everyone completely understands the significance of tooth brushing, some are still left wondering whether flossing really helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. To set things straight, it does. Your dentist in Land O Lakes isn’t lying, and you should definitely be flossing regularly.

close up image of Dentist Land O Lakes flossing patient's teeth

What Is Flossing?

Flossing is a way of cleaning your teeth using a string of floss, which can be dental tape, waxed floss, or floss threaders. Flossing is meant to clean the spaces in between your teeth where your toothbrush may not reach.

More FAQS About Flossing

Why is Flossing Important?

Your toothbrush can only do so much in cleaning your teeth and gums. While toothbrushing removes most bacteria and food debris in your mouth, some areas, like interdental gaps, may not be cleaned. This is where flossing gives its contribution.

When and How Often Should I Floss?

There is no hard rule with when you should floss. Some prefer to do it in the morning to start the day with a cleaner mouth. Some do it before bedtime to prevent any bacteria from lurking in the mouth when they sleep. You may choose which one works for you.

However, dentists suggest that you floss before you brush your teeth. This way, you soften the food debris or tartar in between your teeth, and brushing them after could completely wash them away. You must also remember to floss once a day and brush your teeth at least twice daily.

Dentist Land O Lakes showing child the proper way to floss

Consult Your Dentist in Land O Lakes

Brushing and flossing are easy and effective ways to protect your teeth from harmful bacteria. Bacteria, when left to build up, can lead to gum diseases and tooth decay. This may ruin your smile and eventually take a hit on your self-esteem.

To understand more about good oral health practices, visit your dentist at Lake Park Dental. Call us today, so we can accommodate you.