Why Does My Breath Smell?

September 6, 2021
a young woman holds her hand to her mouth to smell her breath after her dentist in North Tampa told her to smell it

Do you notice your breath still smells despite brushing your teeth? The fact is half the population experiences breath odor at some point in their lives. Because it can be a little gross, you should know what causes it and how to solve it. Your dentist in North Tampa is ready and excited to help you rid your bad breath once and for all.

woman covering her mouth to hide her bad breath after her dentist in North Tampa informed her about her halitosis

What Causes Bad Breath?

Poor Oral Hygiene

Regular brushing and flossing must be a part of your daily routine. Additionally, you should also do it properly. Some people brush their teeth for only 30 to 45 seconds, which is not enough to remove harmful bacteria from your mouth. Your tongue needs some cleaning, too since bacteria can cling or hide in its tiny crevices and structures.

Thorough toothbrushing for at least 2 minutes ensures that bad bacteria are removed. Bacteria can be present in the food you eat and letting them stay in your mouth may result in a dirty smell.


Cigarette smoking is bad for your health and your breath as well. Smoking causes bad breath and dries out your mouth, making the smell even worse.

Strong Foods and Beverages

What we put in our mouths strongly affects the way our mouths smell. Eating foods with strong odors like onions and garlic can help produce bad breath that may last up to 72 hours. Beverages with strong odors like coffee and alcohol can also give the same effect.

a man pinching his nose with his fingers to avoid a person who just came from the dentist in North Tampa because of bad breath

Visit Your Dentist in North Tampa

Having a bad breath may not only be because of poor dental hygiene, strong food intake, or bad activities related to the mouth. Sometimes there are underlying issues needing to be unearthed to fully understand why your breath stink. A visit to your dentist should be able to point that out so that necessary actions shall be made.

At Lake Park Dental, we are more than willing to conduct a dental inspection and address the concerns of our customers. This allows us to give the best and most needed dental procedure or treatment to solve the problem. Call us today to discuss your dental woes.