Why Does My Breath Smell?

October 22, 2021
man covering his nose because the other person did not follow their dentist in Carrollwood for good oral hygiene practices

Have you ever been ditched after the first date because you’re told you have bad breath? Halitosis, the clinical term for bad breath, can cause a lot of shame to someone and can even lead to anxiety disorders. However, a dentist in Carrollwood will tell you that proper dental hygiene can easily solve the problem and give you another chance at dating.  

woman worried about her breath's smell before visiting a dentist in Carrollwood  

What Causes Bad Breath?


After eating, the food particles break down when you chew and get stuck between and around your teeth. If left there for some time, it will start to accumulate bacteria and cause your breath to smell. Certain foods like garlic and onion will enter the bloodstream after digestion which is then carried to your lungs and may cause bad breath.  

Brushing the recommended number of times in a day can prevent this. 


Not only does smoking cause bad breath, but it also causes gum disease, which worsens the stinkiness of your breath.  

Lack of Dental Hygiene

Plaque is a glutinous film of bacteria that form around your teeth. If you don’t take care of this by brushing or flossing, it will continue to release acid causing damage to your teeth and gums. This will give a bad odor to your mouth. Forgetting to clean your mouth regularly poses a lot of harm to your oral health, including your mental and physical well-being.  

Dry Mouth

Your saliva is a natural cleanser for your mouth. If you have a condition called xerostomia, commonly known as dry mouth, it prevents cleansing your mouth from odor-causing bacteria. It usually happens during sleep, but it might present a bigger problem if you have chronic dry mouth caused by some diseases or dysfunctional salivary glands. 

woman smelling her breath because she did not visit her dentist in Carrollwood  

Schedule a Regular Visit to Your Dentist in Carrollwood

Bad breath can be embarrassing, but it can be treated and avoided with good oral hygiene and a regular bi-annual trip to your dentist. At Lake Park Dental, we always make ourselves available to give advice and dental education to our patients to better instill good oral health practices in them. If you think you can also benefit from this, schedule an appointment today!