Why Are My Dental Implants Bleeding? 

April 22, 2022
Dental Implants Land O Lakes

If you’re worried that your gums are bleeding after the dentist just placed your dental implants in Land O’ Lakes, don’t worry, since it’s a regular occurrence. However, if the bleeding persists or happens days and weeks after your surgery, it’s time for you to look for help. If you want to know the possible reasons why your gums are bleeding, here are some reasons why this happens.  

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Causes of Bleeding Around Implants  


If you’re experiencing bleeding, swelling, and redness around the dental implant weeks or days after your operation, you might be suffering from mucositis. While this type of oral health problem often occurs in patients undergoing chemotherapy, it can happen to those who have poor oral hygiene or when there is excess cement from crown placement. Mucositis can be treated by removing the excess cement and proper brushing and flossing your teeth daily.  


Peri-implantitis is associated with gums that are swollen, bleeding, and producing pus around the area of the implant. The bones and soft tissues around the dental implant slowly regress as the bones and tissues close to the implant become partially brittle and disappear. Some of the common causes of this oral health disease are smoking, poor oral health, and diabetes.   

Periodontal Disease  

One reason why your implants are bleeding might be caused by periodontal disease. Periodontal disease often happens when a severe gum infection damages the soft tissues and bones surrounding your implant. While periodontal disease can severely damage your implants, it can be cured and prevented with antibiotics and proper oral hygiene.   


If you notice small deposits of blood on your gums where your implants are located, this might be a sign that your mouth has gingivitis. Gingivitis is also associated with gums that bleed easily when brushed or flossed, bad breath, and receding gums. This oral health problem can be prevented by cleaning or brushing your teeth properly.  

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