Why are Dental Implants So Popular?

December 22, 2021
samples of Dental Implants in Land O Lakes

Dental implants in Land O’Lakes are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth. They consist of a titanium rod that is fused to the jawbone. Over time, the jawbone will grow around the implant to provide a secure foundation for replacing teeth. When dental implants are positioned and fused to the jawbone, they provide a secure, natural-feeling foundation for your replacement teeth.

The success rates of dental implants are higher than those of any other implant procedure. It’s important to choose an implant dentist who has years of experience in surgical implant placement and can use the latest technology and techniques available today because a single mistake in implant placement can destroy the success of the entire procedure.

a dentist shows a female patient what Dental Implants in Land O Lakes look like

3 Reasons Why Dental Implants are So Popular

They Replace Individual Missing Tooth

The first and most important function of a dental implant is that it replaces an individual missing tooth. The dental implant is designed to look, feel, and function like a natural tooth. It is the most successful tooth replacement procedure in existence, with success rates reaching as high as 98% in some cases.

They Replace Multiple Teeth

More than one missing tooth can make you self-conscious about smiling, laughing, or speaking clearly. If you have lost multiple teeth, a dental implant can greatly improve your appearance and help you reclaim your self-confidence.

They are Reliable

Because dental implants are a permanent fixture, they are extremely reliable and durable. Once your mouth heals, you can resume many of your normal daily activities without worrying about how your teeth will look when you smile or eat.

Dental implants also fare well in terms of longevity and strength as they can last a patient’s lifetime, making them worth your time and money.

a dentist discusses Dental Implants in Land O Lakes

Get the Best Dentist to Install Your Dental Implants in Land O’Lakes

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