Why are CEREC® Crowns Popular?

May 2, 2022
Illustration of CEREC in 33548

With the help of modern dentistry, plenty of dental professionals now have access to the latest technology to help them secure a better future for their patients. One orthodontic device has recently risen to popularity because of its unique features. CEREC® in 33548 utilizes modern processes to create a solid ceramic crown using computer-assisted technology.  

With the help of CEREC®, creating dental restorations has become faster and more efficient than ever before. From powerful technologies to modern manufacturing processes, dentists now have a lot of tools to help them improve the lives of their clients. If you want to know why CEREC® crowns are famous nowadays, here are some of their notable features.

CEREC Machine in 33548

Advantages of CEREC®  

Crowns Can Be Created and Placed in a Single Appointment  

Most dental clinics that offer CEREC® crowns also provide same-day procedures that will get you in and out of the dentist’s chair in one day. It can be incredibly convenient since it lessens your dental appointments. Cutting the procedure to a single day could also help reduce the stress and anxiety of going to the dentist multiple times.   

No Need for Temporary Solutions  

With the help of computer-assisted technology, CEREC® crowns can be completed in a single day, which avoids the need for temporary solutions. Eliminating the use of temporary crowns will spare you multiple visits to your dentist’s office.   

The Appearance of the Crown  

Crowns made from CEREC® tend to look more natural than those manufactured in the lab. After installation, people can’t easily tell whether you’re wearing a dental crown or not. Not only will your teeth look natural they will also feel natural since the CEREC® machine delivers accuracy and durability.


Woman trying CEREC in 33548

Looking for a Dental Clinic That Offers CEREC® in 33548?   

Now that you know the benefits of CEREC®, it’s time to look for a reliable dentist to help manage your procedure. If you want to learn more about this operation, our dentists here at Lake Park Dental are ready and waiting to hear from you. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.