White Spots on Teeth: What Causes Them?

February 3, 2023
teeth with spots that a dentist in land o lakes can fix

Every smile is different, and teeth are a defining feature. In addition to their shape or size, their color can be another distinctive feature. In this sense, white dental stains are one of the concerns that some of the patients of our dentist in Land O’ Lakes have on a daily basis. In this article, we want to tell you what the causes of this situation are. Let’s find out!

teeth with spots that a dentist in land o lakes can fix

Dental Fluorosis 

Fluoride protects against caries and increases enamel mineralization. However, there is a period in which it is important to control very well the levels of fluoride to which the teeth are exposed; specifically, from the fetal stage until the age of 8 years. During this time, the child should not overdo it, otherwise what is known in dentistry as dental fluorosis could appear.  

This anomaly is caused by excessive exposure to fluoride during the formation of the enamel, leading to stains and greater porosity in the teeth. If you want to prevent fluorosis in your children make sure they brush their teeth with adequate amounts of special children’s toothpaste and avoid excessive consumption of foods with high concentrations of fluoride such as oily fish. 


Cavities are another cause of unsightly whitish spots on the teeth. Proper oral hygiene is fundamental to avoid the accumulation of bacterial plaque and the formation of tartar and the development of cavities.  

Dental Hypoplasia 

Dental hypoplasia is the lack of mineralization in the dental enamel and may be another reason why white spots appear on the teeth. This alteration occurs due to some nutritional deficiency during the eruption process of the teeth. This lack of nutrients causes a scarce mineralization of the dental enamel when it’s being formed. In addition to malnutrition, another reason for this type of hypoplasia is due to infection or disease.

patient undergoing an oral procedure with a dentist in land o lakes

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