What Orthodontic Device Is Best Suited for You?

May 27, 2022
woman preparing for Orthodontics in North Tampa

While the practice of orthodontics in North Tampa is widely known for its excellent benefits, not every use is suitable for your condition. Since there are many devices to choose from, selecting the right solution for your oral health problem becomes more challenging. Fortunately, with the help of your orthodontist, they can guide you to the right solution to help you fix your teeth.   

If you want to know what orthodontic device could help fix your misaligned or crooked teeth, here are some popular choices that you might want to consider. 

woman preparing for Orthodontics in North Tampa

Orthodontic Tools and Devices


One of the main tools that orthodontists often use and recommend to their patients is braces. Braces apply tension to the misaligned teeth and force them to go to the correct spot every day. The wire held by the brackets provides a constant corrective force that repositions the crooked teeth back to the proper alignment.   

Clear Aligners

While clear aligners serve the same purpose as braces, they offer more flexibility and options for their wearers. Clear aligners can easily be removed and reattached by the patient whenever they want. They also provide better comfort and appearance since they blend with natural teeth.   


Retainers are one of those devices that you can’t usually get without going through the process of aligning your teeth. This orthodontic tool is used to prevent teeth that have been aligned from shifting back to their original position. If you happen to finish wearing your braces or aligners, your dentist will recommend using this device to help maintain your teeth in the correct position.   

Other Orthodontic Devices

  • Space maintainers  
  • Twin block appliance  
  • Positioners  
  • Separators or spacers  
Woman after getting Orthodontics in North Tampa

Want to Know How Orthodontics in North Tampa Can Benefit You?    

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