What Living With Dentures Is Like

February 5, 2021
What are Dentures 33548?

If you recently lost several teeth, you know that it’s uncomfortable and inconvenient. Tooth loss could change your life, unfortunately, in a negative way. You’ll have difficulty pronouncing certain words, chewing may become taxing, and you’ll be more prone to oral health problems. Thankfully, the dental industry offers numerous tooth replacement solutions for you to choose from. The most popular of all are dentures in 33548.

The dentures you’re used to seeing your grandparents wear look nothing like the dentures we have now. So before you say no, make sure you talk to your cosmetic dentist about it. Modern-day dentures are designed to mimic the shape and color of natural teeth.

What are Dentures 33548?

What It’s Like To Have Dentures

Day 1 to 14

On your first day of wearing dentures, you are expected to follow a soft diet like ice cream, puddings, and mashed potatoes, anything that is gentle on your gums. This will make the adjustment phase easier for you. Although the device can feel a bit uncomfortable, you will acclimate over time. As your mouth adjusts to the dentures, you will experience heightened salivation and soreness. To help ease the discomfort, we suggest you rinse your mouth with warm saline water. If the soreness continues, inform your dentist about it.

Day 15 to 30

By this time, the soreness and the salivation are already under control. Now is the time to eat your favorite foods, but we suggest you cut them into small chunks. Now that you’ve fully adjusted to your dentures, you need to maintain them. Visit your prosthodontist regularly so your dentures can be checked from time to time. Sometimes, adjustments need to be made to ensure your dentures fit the contours of your mouth perfectly.

What are Dentures 33548?

Do You Need Dentures in 33548?

If you’re looking for an affordable tooth replacement option, dentures are worth considering. At Lake Park Dental, we take a unique and flexible approach when providing dental care to our patients. Our treatment plans are bespoke to your individual needs. Visit our website to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment with us to discuss your concerns.