What Happens When TMJ Goes Untreated? 

January 23, 2023
a woman in pain due to a TMJ issue in Tampa FL

Many people try to put off going to the doctor as long as they can to not spend money or because they think it’s a waste of time. However, delaying treatment will save you time and money for a while, but it won’t spare you from the suffering and repercussions of not receiving proper care. The same applies to the dysfunction known as TMJ. If TMJ in Tampa, FL, is left untreated, you run the risk of developing more severe symptoms, other health issues, and a lower quality of life. Discover why you shouldn’t ignore TMJ treatment by reading the following. 

women with a TIM issue in Tampa FL

Why Is It Imperative Not to Leave TMJ Untreated? 

People who have TMJ dysfunction can experience severe interference in their daily life. Constant headaches, stiff neck, teeth grinding, and other symptoms of the illness can have a serious negative impact on a person’s health. Teeth clenching and grinding frequently disrupt sleep, resulting in long-term problems like sleep apnea, insomnia, nightmares, and unbalanced cortisol cycles.  

Additionally, studies have shown that sleep disorders can significantly contribute to depression and anxiety because they interfere with the body’s normal hormonal processes. 

As you can see, TMJ problems may be associated with long-term consequences that significantly affect overall health and well-being. Your dentist might also be concerned about early tooth and gum aging brought on by clenching and grinding. Last but not least, some people have problems with their inner ear, including vertigo, balance disorders, and ringing (tinnitus). Untreated TMJ issues undoubtedly produce a wide range of undesirable effects. 

a smiling woman after getting a TMJ treatment in Tampa FL

Do You Need Help with a Disorder Like TMJ in Tampa, FL? Give Us a Call! 

If you’ve been having pain in your jaw, neck, or face, you may have TMJ dysfunction. Remember, this issue must be treated as soon as possible. Make an appointment with us at Lake Park Dental for consultation and to start working on your oral health.