What Do I Do After I Get My Tooth Extracted?

July 22, 2022
Dentist in Greater Northdale with tooth

Tooth extraction is one of the most common dental procedures dentists offer in Greater Northdale. Since this is a delicate procedure, you might want to know how to recover faster after your operation. While the mouth usually heals ten times quicker than other body parts, it may take longer to recover due to aging and other circumstances.  

Recovering after tooth extraction can be a daunting experience, especially if you have more than one tooth removed. If you want to know how to recover quickly after a tooth extraction, these steps can help. 

Dentist in Greater Northdale extracting tooth

Aftercare for Tooth Extraction 

Help Reduce the Pain

After having your tooth extracted, the first thing you should do is deal with the discomfort. Controlling the pain and discomfort is a critical aspect of your recovery, and it helps you rest if there’s no pain or throbbing. If you want to reduce the pain, you’ll need to take painkillers that your dentist prescribes or ibuprofen. 

Get Enough Sleep

To help your tooth extraction heal quickly, try to get some rest. For the first 24 hours after your operation, keep your activities to a minimum. Doing this will avoid inappropriate pressure on the wound that would cause it to bleed.  

Take Your Medicine on Time   

By taking your medication on time, you can ensure that your wound heals properly and without infection. If the site hasn’t healed and it’s been over a week, the best course of action is to make an appointment with your dentist so they can determine and assess what’s going on and change any medication you are taking when necessary.  

Avoid Touching the Wound

While the gap between your teeth would feel strange, you should never try to feel it with your tongue or fingers. Touching the site could create many problems ranging from irritation, bleeding, getting infected, or increasing the size of the cut. Leave the wound alone to heal for a couple of days. 

Dentist in Greater Northdale extracting tooth

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