What Could Cause Dental Implants to Fail?

May 16, 2022
Illustration of Dental Implants in 33548

While dental implants in 33548 are considered a permanent solution to damaged and missing teeth, there are times when these devices could fail. Since the success or failure of your dental implants depends on how well you take care of them, it’s essential to know how or why these devices could give out.   

Fortunately, most of these causes can be prevented with early detection and proper oral hygiene. If you don’t want them to loosen one day, here are some reasons why dental implants could fail.

A woman is holding a toothbrush in front of a dentist.
A woman is holding a toothbrush in front of a dentist.

Factors That Could Cause Your Dental Implants to Fail

Badly Taken Impressions

One reason your implants could fail is inaccurate or badly taken impressions. An impression is the accurate measurement and representation of your teeth used to create your artificial teeth. If the prints that your dentist has taken have a slight mismatch or are entirely inaccurate, it could cause severe infection to the area of your gums.  

Implant Misalignment

The moment your implants are attached, there’s a slight chance that the implant and bone may become misaligned. When this happens, your gums could recede and reveal the implant around the gums exposing them to foreign elements. The removal process of misaligned implants could cause damage to your neighboring teeth, which is why you need to choose the right dentist for this procedure.  

Gum Infection

While not all gum infections could cause dental implants to fail, some extreme cases of gum disease could cause these devices to give out. The bone surrounding the part of your implant could slowly deteriorate, exposing the titanium screws and causing them to malfunction. To avoid this, you’ll need to treat any form of gum disease, especially if it’s near your implants. 

Man preparing for Dental Implants in 33548

Are You Looking for the Best Dental Implants in 33548?

If you don’t want your dental implants to fail soon, you’ll need a reliable dentist. Here at Lake Park Dental, our knowledgeable and dependable team can provide you with high-quality dental implants that could last a lifetime. If you need implants today, contact us to schedule an appointment.