What Causes Dental Anxiety? 

March 1, 2022
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While dental anxiety is a common sight to see among children, it’s actually also prevalent among adults and the elderly. So, why is it that some people are afraid to go to the dentist in CarrollWood? There are a lot of factors as to why these people refuse to see a dentist even at times that they really need to. 

If you’re not sure whether or not you have dental anxiety, here are some of the causes you might have experienced that could have triggered your fear. 

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Causes of Dental Anxiety and Phobia 

Trust Issues and Loss of Personal Space 

It’s common for people who have trust issues to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable about the closeness of dental procedures. Having a situation where you’re sitting alone in a dental chair with only your dentist, let alone with your mouth fully open, is a nightmare for people who have trust issues.  

Past Traumatic Dental Experience 

One bad visit to the dentist during your childhood is a recipe for dental anxiety when growing up. This is the reason why most of the dental anxiety associated with a past traumatic experience is often found in patients in their teenage years.  

The fear of going through the same experience from their childhood is what keeps them from seeing a dentist. 

Fear of Pain 

No matter what your age is, the fear of pain is always a factor when going through a dental procedure. One of the main reasons why people avoid another meeting with their dentist is that they’ve encountered an unpleasant or painful experience during their previous visit. 

However, with the help of sedatives, anesthetics, and pain-relieving medication, dentists can now perform most of today’s dental procedures with little to no pain.  

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