What Causes Crooked Teeth?

November 30, 2021
Woman with misaligned teeth who needs Orthodontics in Lutz FL

Each one of us has a set of teeth unique to each other. Your teeth are your signature – they make you special. With this narrative, there’s really no need for you to correct crooked teeth unless you’re not happy with them or face health and speech issues. However, if you want a change, orthodontics in Lutz, FL, should help you smile confidently again.  

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Reasons for Crooked Teeth


Heredity is one common reason for crooked teeth. Some teeth naturally come out crooked, which is due to your genetic structure. Thus, if one of your parents has crooked teeth, you’ll probably have the same issue.

Jaw Size

Our food has significantly changed our jaw size and formation. Chewing stimulates jaw size, which means less chewing translates to smaller jaw size. These changes can result in crooked teeth.

Poor Repetitive Behaviors

A prolonged phase of thumb sucking, for example, can alter the structure of your facial muscles and the function of your teeth. When you enjoy sucking your pacifier or toys too much as a kid, this can be one reason why you have crooked teeth.  

Poor Dental Care

Poor oral hygiene can result in tooth decay that can progress into gum disease. Gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, can lead to periodontitis. When the disease has reached this level, your teeth can shift or fall out due to the damage faced by the gums holding your teeth.  

While gum disease can be treated and managed, you may have crooked teeth after all the procedures. 

Trauma to the Mouth

When you encounter a facial injury, your teeth may loosen or get knocked out, which can cause crooked teeth.  

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Do You Need Orthodontics in Lutz, FL?

At Lake Park Dental, crooked teeth are no longer a huge problem because of the affordable treatments we offer to our patients. If the alignment of your teeth bothers you a lot, don’t hesitate to give us a call to see how we can help you.