What Can Go Wrong with Dental Implants?

December 6, 2021
Dental Implants in Lutz FL

Are you one of the many Americans who suffer from tooth loss or a damaged one? Just like them, are you in search of a solution to this problem? If so, dental implants in Lutz, FL, are what you’re looking for.

Dental implants are long-term replacements for missing or damaged teeth. They are made of titanium screws attached to your jawbone for enhanced stability and strength. They are unaffected by cavity-forming bacteria and can last a lifetime if given proper care.

However, despite how seemingly impeccable they appear to be, there can still be issues that the wearer may face after the process.

a detailed view of Dental Implants in Lutz FL

Common Problems with Dental Implants


Since dental implants require oral surgery, the wound may get infected. That is why dental surgeons remind their patients to strictly follow precautionary aftercare measures to reduce the risk of infection.

Treatment of this infection depends on the location and severity of the infection. If it’s a bacterial infection to the gums, antibiotics may cure it. If not, dentists may require a soft tissue graft. If the bone gets infected instead, your dental professional may suggest removing the bone tissue or the implant itself and performing a bone and soft tissue graft.

Loose Implant

There are also instances when the implant does not successfully fuse with the jawbone. The fusing process is called osseointegration, and failure to achieve this may mean the removal of the implant. The patient may attempt to undergo the same procedure again after the area has healed.

a senior patient gets Dental Implants in Lutz FL

Get the Best Dentist for Your Dental Implants in Lutz, FL

Although some things are beyond our control, getting the best dental surgeon for your dental implants poses a higher chance of a successful procedure. At Lake Park Dental, we are meticulous with the entire procedure to ensure the success of the implant.

If you need dental implants to replace missing teeth, visit our contact page to learn more about our services.