What Can CEREC® Crowns Do for Me?

November 21, 2022
Patient and dentist CEREC 33548

Thanks to modern technology, people who are unhappy with their teeth no longer have to suffer in silence and can finally get the treatment they deserve. CEREC® crowns in 33554 are an innovative, quick tooth enhancement that dentists offer to give your smile a makeover. These artificial teeth take care of several issues that may be taking a toll on your confidence and health, such as discoloration, cracks, and chips. 

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What Are CEREC® Crowns?

Nowadays, many qualified dentists use CEREC®, a technology that helps them devise the perfect artificial tooth for you. Thanks to this, dental professionals can craft crowns to meet your specific needs and place them over your natural teeth in just a single appointment. CEREC® technology also makes your new fake pearly whites with a strong, resistant material. With proper care habits, such as regular teeth brushing and dentist visits, your CEREC® crowns can last more than 15 years and solve many dental issues once and for all. 

What Issues Can CEREC® Crowns Fix?

Discolored Teeth

Many turn to crowns to mask their tarnished, stained teeth. Teeth whitening can take care of superficial stains in your tooth enamel, but there are some deep-rooted stains that your dentist won’t be able to remove. CEREC® crowns work like shells covering any tooth shade that makes you uncomfortable. 

Broken or Chipped Teeth

Sometimes facial trauma or tooth decay can lead to cracks or chips that give our teeth a funny-looking shape. If your dentist doesn’t deem an extraction necessary, they can cover missing tooth pieces with a CEREC® crown, giving you back your pretty and functional smile. 

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Looking for CEREC® Crowns in 33548?

CEREC® crowns are tooth replacements that can enhance the appearance and health of your smile by covering stains, cracks, and chips. Contact our team today to learn more about this fantastic procedure and schedule a visit!