What Are the Benefits of Getting CEREC® Crowns? 

February 2, 2022
woman with CEREC in 33548 looking in the mirror

A tooth that was broken suddenly can become a dental emergency. It could also escalate into more significant and painful problems if left untreated. CEREC® in 33548 can help you fix that! 

Are you in need of more insights on what type of dental crown to choose? No worries! Here are things you need to know about CEREC® crowns and why you should choose them. 

smiling senior couple with CEREC in 33548

What Are CEREC® Crowns? 

Generally, dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps intended to cover teeth to protect them against further damage and bacterial infection. They are also used to hold a dental bridge to ensure its stability. 

CEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, and this is one of the most popular choices for dental crowns nowadays. 

Why Should You Get CEREC® Crowns? 

CEREC® crowns stand out among the other dental alternatives because of the benefits you can experience when getting and using them. 

They are designed and created using computer-assisted technology, ensuring a perfect fit for your tooth. The measurements are precise because this technology can capture a digital image of your teeth and jaw. 

The material used is a durable ceramic that lengthens the lifespan of your crowns, saving you a lot of money and protecting your tooth in the long run. 

male patient with CEREC in 33548 giving a thumbs up sign

Looking to Take Advantage of CEREC® in 33548? 

Lake Park Dental offers quality tooth restoration services, including CEREC® crowns for your tooth’s perfect fit and convenience. Our CEREC® crowns have been helping our patients maintain their smiling confidence and comfort in their daily lives. Call us today to book your appointment!