What Are My Options for Repairing a Broken Tooth?

February 15, 2023
kid with broken tooth in need of a dentist in tampa bay

One of the most common emergencies seen by your dentist in Tampa Bay are broken teeth, usually caused by falls or blows. This can be very upsetting to the patient as it can harm their confidence. However, the good news is that modern dentistry has all kinds of solutions for this type of problem to restore the smile of anyone suffering from this affliction. Let’s look at some of them.

kid with broken tooth in need of a dentist in tampa bay

Your Dental Options

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns might be helpful for completely encasing the damaged area. They offer a practical fix for cracked teeth, restoring the contour and appearance of the teeth. They’re also thicker than veneers. Crowns are typically constructed of metal, porcelain, and ceramic. They are regarded by dentists as the most secure method for restoring or repairing damaged or rotting teeth.


Dental veneers are made-to-order dental restorations made of porcelain or composite resin. The most common restorative and cosmetic procedure to enhance your smile is veneer placement. Veneers are the best solution if tooth loss is the cause of your hesitation to smile.


The safest dental procedures performed by dentists to fix fractured teeth are fillings. With restorative material, the dentist temporarily fixes teeth that are fractured or cracked. If your tooth has decay, the dental procedure is advantageous. It is inexpensive and painless.

Dental Implants

In cases where the tooth is badly fractured and shifting, maintaining and rebuilding the tooth structure may be impossible and the best option is usually to extract and replace the tooth. 

To do this, a dental implant is made. A screw is placed in the place where the root of the tooth used to be, and this screw serves as a base for the placement of a crown. It’s a simple, safe, and quite common process. 

patient getting an oral examination with a dentist in tampa bay

Looking for a Dentist in Tampa Bay? 

The treatment decision will depend on the expert opinion of your dentist, so if you break a tooth, or even if you think it is broken or cracked, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Lake Park Dental to schedule a check-up.