Understanding the Different Parts of a Dental Implant

March 8, 2023
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Have you ever felt self-conscious about missing teeth when smiling or eating in public? Dental implants in North Tampa are a highly advanced dental restoration option that permanently solves your problem. These remarkable devices have revolutionized tooth replacement by boosting oral health and improving the overall quality of life.

Each dental implant is a prosthetic tooth root that the dentist surgically inserts into the jawbone to support a replacement tooth or bridge. Moreover, it comprises three primary parts that work together to create a strong and stable replacement tooth that blends seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. If you’re seeking to reclaim your smile, you’ll want to take a closer look at the dental implant and its parts.

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What Are the Different Parts of a Dental Implant?

The Implant Post

The implant post is a small, screw-shaped post made of titanium or other biocompatible materials. Since this part serves as the new tooth’s root, the dentist surgically places it into the jawbone, where it fuses with the surrounding bone tissue via osseointegration. Besides providing a stable foundation for the replacement tooth, the implant post significantly prevents bone loss in the jaw by providing the bone with the stimulation it requires to preserve its volume and density.

The Abutment

Once the implant post has fused into the jawbone, the dentist attaches a small connector piece called the abutment to the implant. The abutment protrudes from the gum line and is a stable base for the prosthetic tooth.

The Prosthetic Tooth

The prosthetic tooth is the dental implant’s visible part that looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth. Patients can choose the material used for their new teeth, such as porcelain or ceramic. Since prosthetic teeth are custom-designed to match the natural tooth’s color, size, shape, and translucence, others won’t know you have them.

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Considering Dental Implants in North Tampa?

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