Three Common Misconceptions About Braces

October 17, 2022
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Fixing misaligned teeth is as easy as pie for modern dentists, who tend to recommend wearing braces to teenagers and adults with crooked smiles. However, many people avoid orthodontics in Lutz, FL, because false assumptions terrify or discourage them. Dental professionals try to debunk myths related to teeth position and pain, as well as patient’s age, to get more people into the treatment and on the path toward a pretty, healthy smile. 

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Debunking Three Myths About Braces

“Braces Make Your Teeth Hurt from Beginning to End”

Braces work by applying pressure on the membrane between your teeth and your jawbone, which controls the position of your smile. This pressure is something your body has to get used to, so you might experience pain and discomfort during the first few weeks after you get your new braces. However, your new metal friend will be almost unnoticeable once the adjustment period is over. 

“Once You Take Them Out, Your Braces Will Always Remain Straight”

Myths don’t necessarily have to be negative to damage a patient’s perception of braces, as wrongfully believing that teeth only need braces to be straight is also a problem. Braces will change the position of your jaw for good, but teeth may try to shift back to their original position. The tiring process might be in vain if you don’t use retainers after braces and schedule follow-up dentist visits. 

“Only Teenagers Can Get Braces”

Dental professionals state that getting braces during your teenage years is best since your mouth and permanent teeth are not fully developed, and it’s easier to shape them. However, patients of any age usually qualify as candidates to get braces as long as they have no severe dental health problems. 

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 Misconceptions about teeth position, pain, and people’s age can scare you off and stop you from getting braces. Talk to our dentists at Lake Park Dental to find out if you can get braces and a dreamy smile.