The Unexpected Benefits of Orthodontics

December 2, 2022
Girl with Orthodontics treatment North Tampa

We know that making the decision to undergo orthodontics in North Tampa is not easy. Aesthetics might be the most common reason to consider the treatment, however, costs and duration are important factors too. No matter the case, our patients realize that orthodontic treatment is more than achieving a beautiful smile and especially that those costs and duration will positively influence the final results of the treatment. 

Girl with dentist Orthodontics treatment North Tampa

Benefits of Orthodontics Beyond Aesthetics  

Less Wear and Tear on Teeth  

When teeth are aligned, their collision with each other is natural. However, when they are crowded or crooked, the bite won’t be optimal. This causes wear and tear on them, eventually making your teeth weaker and prone to oral diseases. Orthodontics will correct the defects and positional irregularities in the teeth. 

Less Back, Head, and Ear Pain 

There are many patients who are surprised when they realize that with their teeth corrected, they have less pain in these areas. When there isn’t harmony in your bite you will be stressing the whole area when you eat and keep in mind that the muscles of the head, ears, and neck are closely related. There are even postural problems in children that are related to the lack of good orthodontic treatment. 

Less Sensitivity 

With orthodontic treatment, it is also possible to put an end to cases of dental sensitivity. This sensitivity is produced by stimuli that come into direct contact with the dentin, which is connected to the dental pulp. The pulp has nerve endings, hence, that unpleasant sensation of pain when we take something cold, hot, sweet, or sour.  

For example, when one tooth is mounted on another, it is very easy that part of that tooth is not well covered by gum, which causes dental sensitivity to appear. 

beautiful smile after Orthodontics treatment North Tampa

Ready to Improve Your Smile with Orthodontics in North Tampa? 

The benefits of orthodontics will improve not only your appearance but also your quality of life and oral health, if you are ready to take this step with Lake Park Dental, you can contact us and we will be happy to assist you.