The Truth About Sedation Dentistry

November 8, 2019
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Did you know sedation dentistry Tampa Florida is usually misrepresented? Due to the numerous misconceptions that surround it, many people are led to believe that sedation dentistry will do more harm than good. In fact, others even believe that it’s useless. If you want to get your facts straight about this procedure, read on.

Debunking the Biggest Sedation Dentistry Myths

It’s Dangerous

Any medical practitioner will tell you that sedation isn’t dangerous because this technique has been widely used in various clinical settings for a long time. To ensure the patient’s safety, dentists make use of safe chemicals, administer them properly, and use monitoring equipment throughout the procedure.

It’s Only for Complex Procedures

Although sedation dentistry is used for procedures that take a lot of time to complete or those that are painful, they’re used for other applications as well. For instance, patients who suffer dentophobia or dental anxiety or those who have low pain tolerance will greatly benefit from sedation.

Laughing Gas is the Only Available Sedative

Also called nitrous oxide, laughing gas is often used in sedated dental treatments. However, sedation dentistry isn’t limited to laughing gas. Dentists may also prescribe anti-anxiety medications, as well as intravenous sedatives. Each patient is unique, and dentists administer sedatives based on the situation and the patient’s preference.

It’s Only for Adults

Sedation dentistry is a practice that’s safe for pediatric patients as well. In case you’re not aware, sedation dentistry is often recommended for kids who get extremely anxious around dentists or those who have special needs that are difficult to control.

who offers sedation dentistry tampa florida?

Do You Want to Know More About Sedation Dentistry Tampa Florida?

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