The Colors of Our Gums: What Do They Tell Us? 

December 12, 2022
a woman checking her gums after seeing a Dentist in CarrollWood

When we smile, not only do we show our teeth, but also a good part of gum tissue. However, although people who visit a dentist in Carrollwood are usually very concerned about the color of their teeth, they don’t usually pay attention to the color of their gums. It’s very important to check on that since it can give us many clues about our health. 

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What Does the Appearance of Our Gums Reveal? 

Whitish Gums 

A pale or whitish shade of the gums may indicate periodontal disease, usually gingivitis. On the other hand, when we see small white spots, the cause may be a mouth ulcer or oral candidiasis problem. Finally, when there’s a swollen and soft tongue in addition to the white color, it’s likely that we are suffering from anemia. 

Blackened Gums 

Although this is a very common symptom among smokers, on other occasions, the reason may be the consumption of certain medications, such as antidepressants or some contraceptives. If we notice that our gums have taken on a blackish color, we should go to the dentist for a thorough examination. 

Red and Shiny Gums 

When the gums look red, swollen, and irritated, it’s very likely that the cause is gum disease (periodontitis) or other. Be careful: it’s important to see a dentist immediately in the event of these symptoms. Otherwise, we could suffer undesirable consequences such as the loss of teeth. 

Purple Gums 

Purple gums can also be a symptom of periodontal disease (gingivitis or periodontitis). But this is not the only cause. A lack of vitamins and minerals or certain hormonal changes may be behind this sign. In addition, some oral hygiene products or wearing orthodontics can cause the color of our gums to acquire a certain purple tone. 

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