The 3 Purposes of a Dental Implant

December 23, 2022
Model of Dental Implants in Tampa Bay

Living without teeth doesn’t have to become your reality. With advances in dentistry, you can once again enjoy the full function of your mouth with dental implants in Tampa Bay. However, before committing to the procedure you should know that a good dental implant must fulfill certain purposes, let’s get to know them. 

Implants must fulfill three important functions:

Man getting Dental Implants in Tampa Bay

Aesthetic Function 

Undoubtedly, the aesthetic recovery of the smile is a very important factor for all patients. Seeing a renewed smile clearly increases people’s self-esteem. 

Dental implants are able to make the patient’s smile look as good as any person with a full set of teeth. Thanks to dental implants, it’s possible to place dental prostheses on them to replace the lost tooth, perfectly imitating its aesthetic appearance. 

Occlusal Function 

This is the first objective of dental implants. The absence of teeth in our dental arch is one of the main causes of dental malocclusion. Thanks to the placement of implants, chewing function is recovered, which obviously means a clear improvement in the patient’s quality of life, benefiting digestion and relieving the excess load on the adjacent teeth. Dental implants, which perform the function of the lost dental root, allow the person to lead their lives with total normality. 

Biological Function 

Since teeth tend to seek contact with each other, implants prevent adjacent teeth from moving and leaning towards the missing tooth, which leads to gaps between the teeth and the development of caries, affecting your oral health. In addition, the absence of a tooth root lodged in the jawbone causes the alveolar bone to resorb and shrink. 

Woman getting Dental Implants in Tampa Bay

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