Signs of Dead Tooth and How to Treat It

November 4, 2019
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According to a dentist 33548, there are three tooth layers – pulp, dentin, and enamel. To remain in good condition, your teeth must have an unending blood supply to the deepest part of your tooth. Once the blood supply is interrupted, your tooth will begin to die because of the lack of oxygen and much-needed nutrients. If left untreated, your tooth will probably be inflamed or infected. It’s even possible that your tooth will develop an abscess and will eventually fall out.

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Indications and Treatments of Dead Tooth

Signs of a Dead Tooth

The two primary signs of a dead tooth are pain and discoloration. When you feel discomfort around your tooth, whether it is downright excruciating or you only experience minimal irritation, it is already an indication that you have a dead tooth. As per the statement of a dentist 33548, the pain and discomfort are usually caused by the swelling and infection of your tooth because it puts more pressure on your periodontal membrane more than it can handle.

Discoloration and More

As for discoloration, you will know that you have a dead tooth when your tooth changes color – from yellow to gray, and finally to black. This is due to the fact that your tooth lacks a blood supply. Hence, as soon as you notice some discoloration on your tooth, it is best that you visit a dentist. Apart from pain, discomfort, and discoloration, there are other emblems of tooth decay. Here are the additional signs you may encounter:

  • Indication of an abscess due to the inflamed sore on your gums
  • Bad smell or breath
  • Bad taste on your mouth because of the infection
  • Swelling around your tooth


As soon as you visited your dentist 33548 and underwent a tooth x-ray, there are two possible options to address your dental problem. If your tooth can still be saved, you can avail of the root canal treatment. If it can no longer be saved or has been rendered useless, the best option is for your dentist to extract the tooth.

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Contact Dentist 33548 to Know How to Prevent a Dead Tooth

If you suspect possible tooth decay, schedule an appointment now to prevent further inflammation or infection.