Should I Soak My Dentures Overnight?

November 11, 2022
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When many of your teeth are long gone, and all seems lost, dentures in 3358 come to the rescue and restore the dreamy smile you once had. These artificial teeth you stick to your gums might look real and fixed, but they shouldn’t stay in your mouth 24/7. But where should you put them when you’re asleep? Soaking your dentures overnight, brushing them, and scheduling dentist visits can make your prosthesis remain pristine and functional for longer. 

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The Importance of Soaking Your Dentures Overnight

Dentures owe their resistance and natural looks to resin and plastic, which last up to eight years with proper care. As durable as this prosthesis is, it can easily change its shape if it dries up. Dentures remain moist in your mouth because of your saliva, so you should create a similar effect after removing them. Use clean water or a cleansing solution to soak them overnight to keep them wet and remove any harmful bacteria. Avoid boiling water or abrasive substances that can bend or alter the structure of your fake teeth. 

Other Dentures Maintenance Tips

Brush Them Every Day

Dentures work like natural pearly whites in that they store food remains and harmful substances that can damage your mouth and prosthesis. You can easily avoid this fate by brushing your dentures thoroughly with a toothbrush twice a day. Don’t use hard-bristle brushes or whitening pastes that can scratch and corrode the surface of your dentures. Remember to clean your gums and tongue after you remove your dentures to get rid of any glue or food pieces. 

Schedule Dentist Visits

Regardless of your excellent cleaning habits at home, visiting your dentist is equally important to keep your dentures and oral health in check. Book follow-up appointments to ensure your dentures are working correctly, and then schedule consults at least once every six months for a healthy, long-lasting smile. 

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Want to Get Dentures in 33548?

Dentures have to be soaked overnight to stay fresh and in shape. Our team can give you the best advice on this and other prostheses, so book an appointment with us today!