Sedation Dentistry: The Effects of Every Type

January 13, 2023
patient sleeping while under Sedation Dentistry in Tampa Florida

Do you feel nervous about getting sedation dentistry in Tampa, Florida? Misinformation about this process is the major contributor to people’s anxiety over being sedated. Since it was initially used, sedation dentistry has advanced significantly and is today safer than ever. Here is what happens during each type of sedation to shed some light on any concerns about its consequences. 

patient under Sedation Dentistry in Tampa Florida

Types of Sedation and Their Effects 


Nitrous oxide also referred to as “laughing gas,” is inhaled using a mask. Nitrous oxide calms the patient down while the dentist performs the procedure. It also has the benefit of wearing off quite quickly, enabling patients to leave the dental office alone. 

Oral Sedation 

To help you feel more relaxed, your dentist may advise taking an oral sedative. All you need to do to feel at ease when you arrive at your appointment is take a tablet around an hour beforehand. Oral sedation can either put you to sleep or make you drowsy. It causes stronger sleepiness than nitrous oxide and has a longer span. 

IV Sedation 

As the name suggests, this type of sedation is administered intravenously. The medicine can start acting immediately. It’s a suitable sedative for lengthy treatments since dentists may manage the level of sedation throughout the process. The side effects can include prolonged sleepiness, dizziness, headaches, visual irregularities, amnesia, and nausea. 

General Anesthesia 

Patients who receive general anesthesia are unconscious the entire time. In contrast to oral or IV sedation, this sedation causes unconsciousness. Patients who receive general anesthesia must wait until the effects of deep sedation wear off before they can leave the hospital. 

inhalation Sedation Dentistry in Tampa Florida

Looking for Sedation Dentistry in Tampa, Florida? 

Sedation dentistry enables you to be relaxed while receiving the dental care you need, regardless of your level of anxiety or the length of the process you need to undergo. Talk to your dentist about the many types and levels of sedation available so you can choose the one that’s best for you. Our professionals here at Lake Park Dental are ready to assist you. Call us now!