Sedation Dentistry Tampa Florida | What Dental Procedures Require Sedation

December 18, 2018
What do I need to know about sedation dentistry Tampa Florida?

When it comes to sedation dentistry Tampa Florida, there are a lot of dental procedures that not only use it but require it. Knowing what procedures require sedation is important going into surgery.

Tooth Extractions

One of the most popular procedures that typically require sedation dentistry is tooth extraction. Whether it is for an infected tooth or getting a wisdom tooth removed, getting put under is usually an option and the preferred method of treatment. This not only makes it easier to perform the procedure but also makes the experience easier for you to endure. Usually, you aren’t fully put under for extraction but depending on the extent of your extraction and the circumstances surrounding it that could change.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a very common form of securely replacing missing teeth and it involves surgically placing a titanium screw into your jaw bone. Given the extreme pain that is associated with this kind of surgery, sedation is not only recommended but often required. It is possible to get implants without being completely sedated, but typically that will be up to your dental professional to decide what level of sedation is needed for the surgery.

Root Canal Therapy

Much like dental implants, root canal therapy is very important and usually very painful. You need root canal therapy whenever the interior tissue of the tooth gets infected. Typically, the soft tissue and nerve tissue becomes inflamed, infected, and filled with a bunch of nasty stuff that causes extreme pain. Because of the level of pain in both the extraction and the treatment that follows, you will typically be sedated for most or all of the process.

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