Sedation Dentistry Tampa Florida | Types of Sedation Techniques You Should Know About

March 13, 2019
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Do you still get anxious when you visit the dentist? Is the thought of sitting on the reclining chair horrifying for you? Some of us have this kind of freight and it is okay if you do. But it is not okay to put your overall health in jeopardy by ignoring your oral health and putting-off any dental work that needs to be done because of your fear. Don’t worry because sedation dentistry Tampa Florida might just be the solution you need! Here are the different types of sedation techniques you need to know about:

Minimal Sedation

This type of sedation eases your nerves so you are still fully awake but relaxed. This will be given to you in the form of laughing gas or nitrous oxide. The dentist will let you inhale the nitrous oxide with oxygen through a mask to calm you down. The good thing about it is that the effect wears off the moment you stop inhaling the gas.

Conscious Sedation

This moderate sedation can slur your words and can make your memory of the procedure blurry. This type of sedative is taken orally a night before the procedure and another an hour before the dental appointment. This is suitable for patients who have high anxiety levels. You might need to ask someone to take you home.

Deep Sedation

This can leave you almost unconscious but you can still be woken up. IV is a common method to administer this type of sedative. It is known as twilight and can make you very sleepy. And although you are conscious, you can barely feel your surroundings.

General Anesthesia

This will leave you completely unconscious and you cannot be woken up. Only an anesthesiologist can perform this on you. It has its own side effects so consult with your doctor if it is suitable for you.

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