Sedation Dentistry Tampa Florida | Top Options for Dental Sedation

August 23, 2019
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Do you cringe at the idea of sitting on a dentist’s chair to get some dental work done? Thanks to sedation dentistry Tampa Florida, you won’t have to feel this way while the dentist is repairing your teeth. Since there are several types of dental sedation options to choose from, it helps if you know what they are before you make a decision.

What are the Different Options for Dental Sedation?

Inhaled Sedation

You’ll be instructed to breathe in nitrous oxide or laughing gas via a mask that’s placed over your nose and mouth. The amount of gas that’s mixed with oxygen will be controlled by your dentist. Since this is the minimum level of dental sedation, you’ll most likely be allowed to drive yourself home after your dental procedure is completed.

Oral Sedation

If you choose oral sedation, your dentist will instruct you to take a pill before the procedure. This can make you drowsy but won’t knock you out. If you do get to sleep throughout the procedure, you’ll easily be awakened with a little nudge. One of the most common types of medication that most dentists use is Halcion. This option can either be minimal or moderate and the dentist increases the dose as needed.

IV Moderate Sedation

Since this option is given intravenously or directly into your vein, you’ll feel the effects of the medication right away. Meanwhile, the dentist can easily adjust the amount and level of sedation.

Deep Sedation

Since this implies heavy sedation, you’ll be completely unconscious throughout the entire duration of your dental procedure. Unless the medicine wears off on its own, you won’t be able to wake up. However, the effects of this type of sedation can be reversed via another medication.

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