How many root canal procedures are performed in a year? Can you make a wild guess? Statistics show that in the U.S., nearly 40,000 root canal procedures are done every day–that’s approximately 11 million root canals in a year. When done right, root canal therapy combined with the application of a dental crown or a filling can last a lifetime.

Lady at the dentist for root canal treatment

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is recommended for patients whose dental pulp has been infected. The term ‘root canal’ describes the part of the tooth that houses cells, nerve tissues, and blood vessels. When this chamber is infected, your dentist will have no choice but to perform a root canal to stop the infection from spreading and to save your tooth.

What Are the Steps of a Root Canal?

The procedure is pretty straightforward! It involves three steps:

  • Step 1: The cleaning of the chamber. Under local anesthesia, a small hole is made on your tooth to access the decayed and infected pulp.
  • Step 2: Your dentist will decontaminate and clean the area with tiny files and an irrigation solution. Once the dead pulp is removed, it will be filled with a rubbery material and sealed with adhesive cement.
  • Step 3: A dental crown is applied to restore the strength and integrity of the tooth.

What Can You Expect After a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is a restorative procedure that will typically promise favorable outcomes. The pain you’ve experienced from the infection and swelling should disappear right after the treatment. However, this does not guarantee that the rest of your teeth will be safe unless you take good care of them by brushing and flossing regularly and making an appointment twice a year for dental checkups and cleanings.

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

When it comes to your dental health, you should always put your faith in a trusted and experienced dentist. At Lake Park Dental, we listen to your needs and streamline our treatment plan according to your goals to restore your smile and rebuild your oral health.

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