Recognizing the Signs of Dental Anxiety

December 24, 2021
female patient needing sedation dentistry in Tampa, Florida

Dental anxiety is the feeling of worry and fear about your dental procedure. It can manifest itself in various ways, from a slight headache before a dental appointment to a feeling of dread when the dentist tells you to sit back in the chair. However, fear of pain or discomfort shouldn’t worry you anymore because sedation dentistry in Tampa, Florida is available to any patient.  

Dental anxiety is a common condition, but it doesn’t have to rule your life. The right treatment can help you get the sedation dentistry you need to feel comfortable visiting the dentist. In this article, we’ll look at the signs of anxiety and how sedation dentistry works to help you feel less nervous about your dental care. 

young girl with dental anxiety and needs sedation dentistry in Tampa, Florida 

What Can Happen When You Have Dental Anxiety? 


Sweating is a common reaction to anxiety. It often occurs before a dental appointment and is brought about by the fear of seeing the dentist and the pain that may accompany it. Sweating during an appointment can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. 

Racing Heartbeat or Palpitations 

A common symptom of anxiety is palpitations or a racing heartbeat. This is caused by nervousness about seeing the dentist. It is often accompanied by a heavy feeling in the chest as well. Although palpitations are not dangerous, they can make you feel slightly sick and cause you to become light-headed.  

Therefore, it is important to inform your dentist of the symptoms, as they may feel the need to take precautions. 

Visible Distress or Signs of Panic 

Another common reaction to anxiety is visible distress. This is brought about by nervousness when seeing the dentist. It is often accompanied by nausea and a desire to leave.  

Sometimes, people may feel distressed, but not be visibly so. This is also important to share, as your dentist will want to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your appointment.   

Thankfully, whatever manifestations of dental anxiety you may be feeling during your visit, you can overcome them. Sedation dentistry is a great way to help you feel better about your dental appointments. It is a safe procedure, and it can help you relax and feel more comfortable during your visit.  

woman on a dentist's chair asking for sedation dentistry in Tampa, Florida  

Get Help with Sedation Dentistry in Tampa, Florida 

Dental anxiety shouldn’t cause so much concern anymore as your dentist can address this through sedation dentistry. If you want to learn more, give us a call at Lake Park Dental.