Reasons Why Your Dentures Are Losing Color

January 27, 2023
a senior woman cleaning her Dentures in 33548

While you may have been able to maintain the whiteness and brightness of your dentures in 33548, you may find that with time, the pink acrylic gum areas on your artificial teeth start to lose their youthful appearance. They might become slightly whiter, fade, or even appear to absorb stains and other colors. Why aren’t the gums on your dentures as rosy as they used to be? 

an older patient with Dentures in 33548

Why Are My Dentures Losing Color?

Colored Foods and Drinks 

There’s evidence to suggest that strongly colored foods, beverages, and other items you put in your mouth can stain dentures. This may impact the actual teeth and the pink acrylic portions of fake teeth. Therefore, the gums of your denture may become stained and discolored if you smoke, consume large amounts of coffee, red wine, or tea, or even use some mouthwashes that have coloring added to them. 

Not Using the Right Cleaning Products 

Dentures are built from durable materials, but if they aren’t taken care of properly, they are also vulnerable to damage. Just like real teeth, dentures require careful cleaning and should typically be treated with specialized toothpaste and soaking solutions made for them. 

The gum color of your teeth may have been impacted if you’ve used other items to try and obtain a better clean, such as bleach or chemical-containing home cleansers. 

Old Dentures 

You may need to obtain a new pair of dentures every 7-10 years because they aren’t meant to last a lifetime. While the need for denture replacement is frequently brought on by changes in your mouth’s anatomy that make your artificial teeth less comfortable over time, you could also notice additional issues as your dentures get older. For instance, the coloring of really old dentures may simply begin to fade, leaving you with gums that are much less pink than they once were. 

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Need Dentures in 33548? 

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