Pros and Cons of CEREC® Crowns

July 1, 2022
illustration of CEREC in 33548 

Many dental professionals now have access to the newest technology thanks to specialized dentistry, which will help them ensure a better future for their patients. One dental device that has recently become more well-liked due to its distinctive qualities is a technology called CEREC® in 333548. This device can create a durable dental crown utilizing contemporary techniques and computer-assisted technology.  

While dental restorations can now be made more quickly and effectively thanks to CEREC®, there are some concerns about this treatment. Like any other procedure, CEREC® comes with its pros and cons. To help you identify these factors, here are some of the distinguishing qualities of CEREC® crowns.

Using CEREC in 33548 

CEREC® Crowns: What to Expect


  • CEREC® crowns are less invasive than traditional crowns where your teeth are filed to fit the artificial tooth.  
  • When installing this dental appliance, there’s no need to attach temporary crowns before the actual one is placed.  
  • You don’t need several visits to your dentist since you can get your crowns on the same day.  
  • Because digital milling machines can create exact copies, patients will discover that their crowns typically fit precisely the first time, requiring little to no bite correction.  

Things to Consider 

  • Not all dentists have had considerable training in using the technology, and not every dental office offers CEREC® procedures.  
  • CEREC® crowns often cost a little more than other kinds because they use a particular machine and material to create the crown.  
Using CEREC in 33548 to make false teeth

Do You Want to Learn More About CEREC® in 33548?

Now that you know the pros and cons of CEREC®, it’s time to look for a reliable dentist to help manage your procedure. If you want to learn more about this operation, our dentists here at Lake Park Dental are ready and waiting to hear from you. Contact us today to find out more about this procedure!