We all have the preconceived notion that if we have a problem with our teeth, we must seek a dentist. However, did you know that orthodontists have been helping people with various issues that dentists don't? The next time you need specialty dental work done, consult an orthodontist in North Tampa.

When to See an Orthodontist

To know if you should see them, you should know what they’re experts in. Their primary knowledge lies within correcting misaligned teeth and repairing bones to fix jaw and teeth alignments.

Overbites: Dentist visit or Orthodontist appointment?

You may be wondering what an overbite is. This is a medical condition where the top jaw extends past the bottom jaw. A classic example of this is any Simpsons character. However, there are no couch gags with overbites, and if you or your child have this condition, you need to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist.

The clinical term for overbites is a "malocclusion." Specifically, did you know there are two different types of overbites? Dental overbites result from teeth being misaligned and crooked, while a misaligned jaw causes a skeletal overbite. In the case of skeletal overbites, the teeth need to be realigned as well.

Overbites are handled almost exclusively by orthodontists. Why? They are the experts, whereas dentists perform a much better job with keeping your pearly whites sparkling. Orthodontists can correct overbites with the use of either braces or Invisalign®.

While braces can't correct all overbites, they can fix the majority of cases. The braces' first task is to correct the alignment of the teeth. Once this is done, the tiny rubber bands can be adjusted, which allows the orthodontist to make minor adjustments to slowly put your jaw to where it should be.

How Serious are Overbites?

In extreme cases, overbites can cause pain in the jaw, tooth decay, and even gum disease. Malocclusion should be corrected as soon as possible, which has translated to most patients with overbites are children. With an overbite, it is always best to fix it sooner rather than later.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth can also be referred to as crowding teeth. This is the term used to classify the condition where there isn't enough room for all your teeth. This can result from a few causes:

  • Teeth are genetically too large
  • Jaw is genetically smaller
  • Loss of an adult tooth too early in life
  • Retention of baby teeth

In some people, their baby teeth just refuse to come out and a new tooth can't grow out correctly, resulting in extra teeth in the mouth. This can disrupt neighboring teeth as they try growing in. In extreme cases, people may keep more than one baby tooth, which further compounds the crowding.

Losing teeth when you're a child means the tooth fairy comes. However, the fairy can't help you if you lose a permanent tooth too early. When one of the first permanent teeth are lost early on, other teeth may grow incorrectly, potentially leading to both a gap as well as crowding.

Finally, teeth and jaw issues can be passed down from generation to generation. These cases are unavoidable. If your child suffers from one of these conditions, or perhaps you do, contact an orthodontist for a healthier tomorrow!

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