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October 1, 2019
Looking for Orthodontics North Tampa?

Do you know why the demand for orthodontics North Tampa is at an all-time high? It’s because people know that once they get into treatment they’ll be able to achieve the smile of their dreams. Crooked and overcrowded teeth are, in most cases, linked to genetics. The best solution to achieve a perfectly aligned teeth is through orthodontics, such as braces and Invisalign clear aligners. But how can orthodontics really change your smile?

What is orthodontics north tampa?

How Can You Change Your Smile with Orthodontics?

It’s Effective

Orthodontics has a proven track record of improving smiles. Although you’re free to choose the type of treatment you want, your dentist will advise you depending on the complexity of your case. Nonetheless, the reason why more and more people are willing to go through orthodontic treatment is because they know it’s effective.

Different Options

Another thing to love about Orthodontics North Tampa is that you’ll have plenty of options that are sure to fit your lifestyle and budget. There are people who prefer metal braces because they are very effective and typically cheaper, while there are those who opt to get clear braces for their anonymity.

The wires of this type of braces are colored white or are frosted so that they blend with the color of your teeth. The accompanying brackets are also clear or white to make them look less obvious.

Invisalign is another option. It’s virtually invisible, and instead of wires, your orthodontist will give you clear plastic aligners, which you’ll need to wear for a number of hours a day to move your teeth and to steer them into the right positions.

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Looking for a Straighter Smile with Orthodontics North Tampa?

If you are looking for a way to straighten your smile you should set an appointment with an orthodontist. Our team at Lake Park Dental takes a unique and flexible approach when it comes to providing treatment for our clients.

We make sure that your dental plan is highly personalized based on your goals and needs and what makes you comfortable. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with us so we can discuss your orthodontic needs!