Orthodontics North Tampa | Common Orthodontic Problems to Look Out For

April 25, 2019
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Teaching your kids good oral hygiene can help prevent decays and other oral problems, but there are just some things we cannot always control. If you start observing teeth misalignment or bite problems with your kids, see an orthodontics North Tampa asap. We all want what’s best for our children. To prevent them from suffering, here are common orthodontic problems to look out for in your children:

Thumb Sucking

 This habit that starts at a young age can affect the position of your child’s teeth once erupted. It can make it crooked and can sometimes contribute to the alteration of bite. See an orthodontics North Tampa to know how you can stop this habit in your kids.

Uneven Spacing and Cramped Teeth

Each patient has a different oral situation. There are patients who have random teeth growing in unlikely areas, there are patients whose teeth grow one seat apart and some too close that it overlaps. Poor teeth alignment can make it difficult for your children to clean them, and it could also affect their speech.

Buck Teeth

This happens when your children’s upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw giving that rabbit look. This dental issue can be unappealing and can cause discomfort, especially if your children find it difficult to keep their teeth in.


This happens when the lower jaw overlaps the upper jaw. This is also unattractive and can make it difficult for your children to speak. Some patients also experience strain in their TMJ.

Open Bite

This happens when the back teeth touch but the front teeth don’t. The gap between the upper front teeth and the back teeth makes it difficult to speak or pronounce words properly. Even eating becomes difficult.

Impacted Teeth

Aside from the wisdom teeth, there are other teeth that grow to become impacted due to the lack of adequate space for it to erupt. This can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

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