Orthodontics North Tampa | 4 Reasons why Braces are Essential

February 26, 2019
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Do you have misaligned and overcrowded teeth? Do you avoid smiling in pictures because you do not have those perfect set of straight pearly whites? You may be a little hesitant to admit it, but we do understand the embarrassment and problem caused by this oral issue. That is why Orthodontics North Tampa recommends that you get braces. You may not see the need but getting braces to fix more than just the way you look! Here are the reasons why.

Improves Orofacial Appearance

We are all very conscious of our appearance because our self-confidence relies on it. This affects our performance in school, workplace and in the community. Getting straight teeth boosts the self-esteem that allows us to mingle in public better and do our jobs without getting conscious.

Fix the Overcrowding of the Teeth

Overcrowding of teeth leads to oral discomfort. One of the most common problems is tooth decay and gum disease because overcrowded teeth prevent thorough cleaning. This may even cause you to have problems with pronouncing words and stammering. Braces correct these problems by fixing your bite and aligning your teeth.

Aligns Jaws

Misaligned jaws are caused by misaligned teeth. It prevents the face from getting the muscle support it needs for chewing and swallowing. Misaligned jaws are put in a strained position which causes serious consequences like chronic pain in jaw joints, facial discomfort, migraines, earaches, headaches, and muscle tenderness. Braces can alleviate the discomfort and pain in misaligned jaws.

Teeth and Gum protection

Straightening your teeth will allow thorough cleaning of your mouth. This helps in the prevention of further tooth decay and the possible development of gum disease. With straight teeth, you can easily maintain them and have that lasting beautiful smile.

where is the best orthodontics north tampa?

Looking for the Right Orthodontics North Tampa?

Braces are a great way to fix overcrowding and misaligned teeth but not all Orthodontics North Tampa perform the same. Make sure you find the right one at Lake Park Dental! We are dedicated to offering services and solutions that you and your family are most comfortable with by providing comprehensive oral quality service. See us today or book an appointment online to get your braces done!