Orthodontics North Tampa | 3 Orthodontic Myths Revealed

January 4, 2019
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Do you know why millions of people with crooked teeth and those who have problems with their bite haven’t thought about getting Orthodontics North Tampa treatment? It’s simple, they are either scared or they don’t really know much about orthodontic treatments.

Myth 1: Orthodontic Treatments are Going to Cost you a lot of Money

Expensive is a subjective term and it depends on your values. The professional fee orthodontists charge will vary depending on the type of treatment you are going to get. This should not be a problem since most if not all orthodontists offer flexible and affordable payment packages. Orthodontic treatment is going to cost you money but it’s wrong to think that it’s going to take a huge chunk of your budget because of existing payment plan options.

Myth 2: Dental Visits are Not Needed to Fix Crooked Teeth

While it’s true that once your braces are in place, your teeth will move to its desired position, but this will not happen as a result of a single visit. It takes multiple visits and close monitoring to ensure that you get the right bite or to make sure that your teeth are moving in the direction desired.

Myth 3: It Will Take Years for an Orthodontic Treatment to be Completed

Nowadays, orthodontic treatments are completed in a number of months. It is understandable for patients to look for the quickest treatments but quickly doesn’t always mean you’ll get better results. To complete the orthodontic treatment, you will need to constantly show up at your orthodontist’s clinic for close supervision. Nonetheless, it is not true that it takes years for a treatment to be completed. The treatment time will vary depending on your condition.

Where are good orthodontics North Tampa?

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Sadly, because of Orthodontics North Tampa myths, people are having doubts about getting treated. It pays to be informed. At Lake Park Dental, we provide high-quality dental services at a reasonable cost. Call us today!