Know the Three Levels of Orthodontics

September 16, 2022

Orthodontics in North Tampa is becoming more and more popular for people. Our dentists adhere to the three levels, which address appearance, function, and oral health. You will have straight teeth, a balanced bite, healthy jaw joints, and an open airway for long-term optimal health when orthodontics treatment is done.  

Orthodontics treatment in North Tampa

Understanding the Three Levels of Orthodontics  

Level One: Appearance Straight Teeth

Aesthetics is the first and most fundamental level of orthodontics. This specifically refers to your smile’s aesthetic features. Patients occasionally might need this kind of care. For instance, level one orthodontics can frequently effectively fix a mild misalignment issue. Here we´ll mention some treatments that level one includes.   

Level Two: Appearance and Bite

For many patients, level one orthodontics won’t be enough to achieve a healthy smile. Aesthetics and occlusion, the way your teeth fit together when you bite down, are addressed by level two.  

Most patients want straight teeth. They want this problem, whether crooked, overlapping, crowded, or rotated teeth, to be resolved first because they see the issue daily. When patients get braces, they can enjoy these benefits: 

  • A balanced bite  
  • Less tooth erosion 
  • A lower incidence of TMJ problems, gum recession, and bone atrophy  
  • A lower probability of bruxism, the crushing of teeth  

Level Three: Appearance, Bite, and Jaw Alignment

The highest level of care in the field of orthodontics is this one. Our dentist can offer you the highest care by examining and treating jaw joints, facial muscles, and all oral and maxillofacial structures. You can treat more critical issues related to disorders like sleep apnea or TMJ dysfunction and having straight, gorgeous teeth. You can enjoy a healthy, radiant smile for years if all the components function harmoniously together.  

Patient with dentist for an Orthodontics in North Tampa

Do You Need Orthodontics in North Tampa?

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