Is It Too Late to Get Braces?

December 26, 2022
Model of Orthodontics in Lutz FL

When you think of orthodontics in Lutz, FL, the image that comes with it is more than likely that of a teenager wearing braces. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Braces aren’t just for the young. And to answer the question of whether it is ever too late to wear them, the shortest and simplest answer would be no. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should get braces.

Model of Orthodontics in Lutz FL

Why Wear Braces No Matter the Age? 

There are many adults with misaligned teeth and dental malocclusion problems, but they think it’s a matter of the passing years and that there’s nothing they can do about it. That is not the case. Orthodontic treatment, like braces, can solve these problems and achieve healthy, well-aligned teeth. It’s never too late to have a beautiful smile and improve your self-esteem. 

In addition, when left untreated, what is a small problem in the teeth can be aggravated. For example, misaligned teeth or dental malocclusion can lead to tooth wear, chipped teeth or jaw problems. 

Alternative Treatments Available 

With today’s advanced orthodontic treatments, it’s now possible to wear invisible orthodontics without anyone noticing, both with lingual orthodontics where the braces are placed on the inside of the teeth and with clear aligner orthodontics.  

Fixed orthodontics with transparent esthetic sapphire or ceramic braces are more subtle-looking than metal brackets. These braces are very discreet and don’t affect daily life. 

Woman after a successful Orthodontics in Lutz FL

Looking for Orthodontics in Lutz, FL? We Can Help You! 

If you’re an adult and want to start your treatment, remember it’s never too late to do so. Asking yourself up to what age you can put orthodontics is like asking yourself up to what age you can take care of your oral health. We’re waiting for you at Lake Park Dental to assist you. Contact us!