Invisalign Tampa Florida | 5 Common Invisalign Myths, Debunked

September 24, 2019
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Invisalign Tampa Florida is a popular alternative to traditional braces. It’s just as effective at straightening teeth, even without the metal brackets and wires. Aside from its efficacy, aesthetics is the reason why it’s a highly popular teeth straitening option among adults. But some people still have their doubts about this treatment because of some misconceptions about Invisalign. Here are 6 common Invisalign myths, debunked.

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What are the 5 Common Invisalign Myths?

Invisalign Isn’t as Effective as Traditional Braces

Invisalign Tampa Florida works just as well as traditional braces, unless you have extreme orthodontic problems. Depending on the complexity of your case, the usual period of treatment lasts for about 6 months up to two years before you can see the best results. Serious cases take longer because it requires more attention and expertise from the orthodontist, same with traditional braces.

It’s More Expensive

The Invisalign treatment does come with a price, but the severity of your orthodontic problem, length of treatment time, and the intricacy of your treatment also affect the cost of your entire treatment. This is much the same with traditional braces.

Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover the Treatment

In most cases, health insurance companies do cover this treatment, but sometimes there can be exceptions. Check with your insurance provider to make sure of what treatments are covered.

Invisalign Treatment is Slower than Traditional Braces

The span of orthodontic treatment depends on the intricacy of your case. The more severe your orthodontic problem is, the longer it’ll take to correct the issue. It also depends on how disciplined you are at wearing your aligners for 20-22 hours a day and changing them as scheduled.  

Invisalign Aligners Don’t Require Strict Oral Hygiene

It’s the opposite. Invisalign aligners require you to practice good oral hygiene habits. Maintaining your aligners means cleaning them thoroughly. Always brush your teeth every after eating, before you put on your aligners. Doing so will help prevent yellowing, stains, and plaque from building up on your teeth.

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Looking for Invisalign Tampa Florida?

Don’t let these misconceptions stop you from getting the orthodontic treatment you deserve. At Lake Park Dental, we offer Invisalign treatment at a reasonable price. Contact us for inquiries!