Once you lose a tooth, the best thing you can do for you dental health is replace it. Among the most common and trusted teeth restoration treatments is implant supported bridgework. As the name implies, it is a dental bridge supported by dental implants. Although it’s similar to regular dental bridges, this method is safer, more effective, and durable due to its titanium implant. 

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How They Work

At Lake Park Dental, we make sure that our treatments comply with the standard dental protocols. If you’re planning to get implant supported bridgework, the first step involves a thorough and carefully implemented treatment plan. Once you agree with the plan, treatment starts by placing you under a sedative to guarantee you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable. 

Furthermore, this includes two surgeries–one to place the implants and the other, to set the bridge. Although the treatment may take several months, we assure you it’ll be worth your time and effort.  

Benefits of Implant Supported Bridgework

This restorative dental treatment can remarkably enhance your dental health. After your tooth falls out or is extracted, your bone structure may start to deteriorate. This bridgework can replace your natural tooth and allow your bones to receive proper stimulation for bone growth. Other benefits include the following:

  • Maintaining the structure of your natural teeth
  • Improved teeth aesthetics
  • Restores healthy dental condition

Will it Last?

The durability of dental bridges differs on how careful the treatment was performed, the materials used, and patient care. With conscientious dental hygiene and the highest standard of treatment, our implant supported bridgework could possibly last a lifetime. 

Why Struggle With the Risks of Missing Teeth?

Missing or lost teeth can lead to a lot of dental issues. Allow us to treat your dental concerns and prevent future oral or health mishaps. Call Lake Park Dental or send us an email for any dental concerns! We look forward to seeing you!

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