How Will I Feel Once I’m Sedated?

February 16, 2022
woman receiving Sedation Dentistry in Tampa Florida

Have you ever felt fear whenever you go to the dentist? Let the dentist examine your teeth if your anxiety is strong enough to brave a toothache. This fear can be minimized with the use of sedatives. Ask your local dentist about sedation dentistry in Tampa, Florida. 

For many, they can’t stomach the thought of a dental appointment, but sedation dentistry can help ease their worries and fears. Sedation can be used in any procedure, whether invasive or a simple dental cleaning. 

dentist giving Sedation Dentistry in Tampa Florida before a dental procedure

What Happens While Under Sedation? 

There are two types of sedation for dental procedures: conscious sedation and unconscious sedation. The significant difference between the two would be being awake and being asleep. 

Sedation that would render you unconscious the whole time is not commonly used unless you require a very long dental surgery. 

Conscious Sedation 

Conscious sedation is a common thing in dentistry and is for easing the patient’s worries and helping them relax. This type of sedation can be used in minor procedures to help with the pain. 

How Will I Feel Once I’m Sedated? 

You can expect to feel conscious but slightly out of it. You may also have no memory of the procedure once it’s over. 

Sedation will only help you ease your nerves enough to perform a dental procedure. Once it’s over, the effects will start to wear off. 

Below are things that you may experience while under sedation

  • Conscious but slightly unaware 
  • Relaxed 
  • Slurred speech 
  • Groggy 
patient receiving Sedation Dentistry in Tampa Florida

Need a Dentist for Sedation Dentistry in Tampa, Florida? 

Now that you know that sedation is one way of helping you relax during a dental examination, visit an expert in sedation dentistry. Contact Lake Park Dental to book an appointment and inquire about more dental-related problems.