How To Straighten Your Teeth Fast

December 18, 2020
Who is the best Orthodontics Lutz FL?

There are no shortcuts to success. Everything goes through a process. Just like in orthodontics in Lutz FL, if you want straighter teeth, you’ll need to wait for months or even years to achieve the smile you want. However, your orthodontist can give you several options, with each having different treatment time frames.

Knowing which treatment works faster will give you an idea about what type of device to invest in. Nonetheless, patient compliance is the number one factor that will determine treatment time. If you don’t visit your orthodontist regularly for adjustments, your treatment will be extended. Let’s find out more. 

Who is the best Orthodontics Lutz FL?

What Orthodontic Treatment Works Faster?

Traditional Metal Braces

The severity of your dental issues will determine how long it takes to correct them. For moderate to severe teeth misalignments, malocclusion, and crowded teeth, your orthodontist will recommend traditional metal braces. It’s the ideal option for severe dental problems.

Unfortunately, compared to clear aligners, traditional metal braces take a much longer time to complete, usually around 24 months. Meanwhile, clear aligners only take half of that time. Clear aligners are only ideal if you have mild to moderate orthodontics in Lutz FL issues.

Six Month Smiles

Six Months Smiles is the fastest treatment in the field of orthodontics in Lutz, FL. As the name implies, the treatment can be completed in as little as 6 months. It’s not magic, but it does target your front teeth. This is the ideal treatment for those who wish to have their front teeth straightened for cosmetic purposes. It consists of a clear wire and brackets that are placed on your front teeth.

Who is the best Orthodontics Lutz FL?

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