How to Recover Quickly After Oral Surgery 

September 21, 2022
a Dentist in North Tampa prepares a patient for oral surgery

If it’s your first time having oral surgery, you’ll need to prepare for your recovery since it can affect your daily functions. A dentist in North Tampa will often tell their patients to unwind and allow their bodies to heal after this stressful experience. While it may take some time to fully recuperate from oral surgery, there are methods to speed up the process. 

One piece of advice that you’ll hear from your dentist is to wait a week or two before returning to your regular activities. There are, however, ways to speed up the process if you’re eager to work again. Here are some recommendations you can use to learn how to recover from oral surgery more quickly.  

a Dentist in North Tampa placing a rubber dam before performing surgery

How to Quickly Recover Following an Oral Surgery      

Take Your Medications    

Take your medications as directed by your dentist after a tooth extraction. If you take your medicines as scheduled, your wounds will heal more quickly and without consequences.  

Taking Time Off Work    

After your dental surgery, relax and get some rest; you deserve it. Since it’s physically taxing to have oral surgery, your body may need to refresh and restore itself by sleeping.  

After your procedure, you’ll likely feel exhausted and lethargic, especially if you underwent dental sedation. After you go home, make use of this time to stay in bed to avoid any potential issues. 

Consume Soft and Healthy Food    

Dentists frequently advise patients to eat soft foods, so their mouths have to chew food for shorter periods and with less effort. This will stop any unwelcome pressure placed on the wound and keep it from reopening as you heal. To recover faster, stay away from tough, hard, and hot items, such as nuts and candies.  

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