How to Properly Take Care of Your Braces  

June 10, 2022
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While your braces might cause you problems today, they will eventually help you achieve your brightest smile tomorrow. That’s why it’s only reasonable that you take good care of your braces for them to function correctly. Fortunately, our dentists in Greater Northdale can help teach you how to care for and maintain your braces adequately.    

Cleaning braces can be difficult. Whatever the case may be, you should not neglect to clean your braces since they might accumulate plaque and tartar, which can harm your teeth. If you want to know how to clean your braces properly, here are some techniques you can try.    

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How to Care for Your Braces    

Visit Your Dentist on Schedule   

Getting your braces installed doesn’t mean you don’t need to see your dentist anymore. Regularly scheduled checkups are required to ensure that your braces function correctly and are still in good condition. Never forget to visit your scheduled checkup to help maintain the integrity of your braces.   

Use Brace Friendly Toothbrushes   

Brushing your braces with a standard toothbrush may not be enough to clean them. If you’ve been using hard bristle toothbrushes, it’s time to move to soft bristles. Stiff bristles can damage your brace’s dental adhesive that keeps the bracket and wire in place. If your braces come off or become loose from their regular alignments, they can cause harm to your teeth.   

Use Mouthwash 

While cleaning your braces with water can remove some food particles, mouthwash will provide extra assistance. Using mouthwash is an excellent technique to remove and prevent bacteria from forming between and around your braces. This method will guarantee that your braces will function properly and stay clean after each meal.    

Remember to Floss   

Since the brace’s wire covers the spaces between the teeth, many first-time patients overlook this vital step. Even if it appears impossible due to the wires clogging the gaps between your teeth, you can still floss, and food particles can still get stuck in those spaces.   

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