How to Properly Clean Your Dentures 

January 14, 2022
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Dentures are a good replacement for those people with lost teeth who are looking for budget-friendly alternatives. Just like any other dental device, dentures in 33548 require proper cleaning and maintenance to make them last longer. 

Poorly maintained dentures can cause severe oral problems, such as cheilitis. Obviously, it would be best if you did not experience that. So, here are some pointers for how we recommend you clean your dentures properly. 

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How to Clean Your Dentures 

Rinse Your Dentures Before and After Wearing Them 

Make it a habit to remove your dentures after eating to eliminate food particles that got stuck in them. You should also remove them before you go to bed. Wash them with water after having them soaked in a solution overnight. This is to avoid irritation and plaque buildup. 

Avoid using hot water when washing your dentures as it could warp them, causing them to be unfit for your mouth. Don’t use mouthwash while wearing dentures as well. 

Brush Your Dentures Daily 

Treat your dentures just like natural teeth by brushing them daily. Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your dentures and remove deposits in them. Don’t forget to include your dentures’ grooves to remove adhesives. 

Consult a dentist for the specific toothpaste to use because, ironically, whitening toothpaste with peroxide can cause discoloration to your dentures. 

Soak Your Dentures When Not In Use 

Your dentures’ moisture needs to be maintained. That’s why you need to soak them overnight. Ask your dentist about the right solution for your dentures to soak in. Some denture solutions contain chlorine which could corrode your dentures’ metal, making them unusable. 

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Need Help Cleaning Your Dentures in 33548? 

We at Lake Park Dental are not just dedicated to providing dentures with the perfect fit. We can also help you maintain them so that you can use them for a more extended period with our consulting and adjusting services. Reach out to us to know more about cleaning your dentures in 33548