How Long After Implants Can You Use Mouthwash?

August 7, 2022
Illustration of Dental Implants in Tampa Bay

Using mouthwash is essential as a common habit for everyday care. It will help you clean oral surfaces and kill bacteria and other infections. Dental implants are a complicated procedure in which you must follow your dentist in Tampa Bay’s suggestions to recover appropriately and start using them correctly

Illustration of Dental Implants in Tampa Bay

Dental Hygiene After the Implant

Oral hygiene is necessary to clean your mouth even after the implant. Good dental hygiene will accelerate healing by preventing germs and other illnesses. Patients with dental implants should choose toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and interdental cleaners that are effective but gentle on the implants and surrounding tissue.   

Choosing the Right Mouthwash

Antibacterial mouthwash is essential to your daily oral hygiene routine since it kills the bacteria that lead to tooth decay and gum disease.  

Essential Tips

  • Make sure to use the mouthwash following your dentist´s suggestions 
  • In the initial week, avoid using very harsh mouthwashes or toothpaste   
  • Avoid touching the implants with the tongue or fingers   
  • No chewing tobacco or smoking 
  • Apply ice to your face, it would help you minimize swelling. 

When you get implants, many dentists recommend avoiding spitting or rinsing. This may impede the healing process. Immediately after getting tooth implants, avoid mouthwash, although your dentist can recommend a special mouthwash to use regularly. It is best to gently rinse the implant area using this gentle mouthwash rather than vigorously swishing or spraying.

Illustration of Dental Implants in Tampa Bay


Do You Have Concerns About Cleaning Dental Implants in Tampa Bay?

If you have a dental implant procedure scheduled in the future, you can visit us in Tampa Bay and ask your dentist for all the surgery and aftercare information. Call us today and ask for an appointment to know more about your dental procedure.