How Drinking Alcohol Affects Your Teeth 

April 1, 2022
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While you might know from your dentist in Land O’ Lakes that sugary and acidic drinks cause tooth decay, there are other beverages that can affect your oral health in many ways. One notable drink that you regularly or occasionally consume that can affect your oral health is alcohol.  

To help you understand the effects of alcohol on your oral health, here’s everything you need to know about the impact of alcohol.  

Dentist in Land O Lakes examining patient's teeth

Alcohol and Its Effects on Oral Health  

Effects on Teeth  

Much like acidic and sugary drinks, alcohol can cause your teeth to stain and weaken your teeth’s enamel which can cause tooth decay. While occasionally drinking alcoholic beverages will have fewer adverse effects on your teeth, daily or regular consumption of these drinks will give your enamel no time to repair itself.  

Effects on Gums  

While some drinks contain high levels of alcohol, which can help prevent and kill bacteria in your mouth, mixed drinks with more sugar than alcohol can cause bacterial growth. Sugars in alcohol can get stuck in your gums and drive bacterial growth, leading to irritation, bleeding, and infected gums. Frequent consumption of alcoholic drinks also leads to bad breath, tooth loss, and periodontitis, among other symptoms.   

Effects on Mouth  

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can cause dehydration and dry mouth, leading to bacteria build-up. The bacteria in your mouth can cause various oral health problems such as bad breath, inflamed gums, and tooth decay. Likewise, the absence of saliva during this stage can also cause food particles to build up on your tongue, cheeks, and teeth, resulting in plaque and tooth loss.  

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